Healthy Token Economy
Innovative Platform Service
Starcro for individuals and businesses

Various contents, Mining Rewards,
Even Fintech Services
Enjoy splendid and smart life with Starcro

for apps and contents
developed by entrepreneurs or corporates
for individuals
with a evolutionary reward program



Starcro dreams of building a hyper-connected society.
Starcro is a limitless and borderless platform
which is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime,
with any type of device and network.
The platform goes beyond decentralization, and implements
true ‘Giving and Sharing’ culture through the PoX mechanism
while presenting a new token economy to the blockchain industry.
Thereby Starcro creates a standard for global blockchain platforms.



  • Unique Mechanism

    Developed by Starcro team
    for continuous scalability and practicality

  • Non-competitive Reward System

    Measuring your efforts and contributions
    to the network expansion and participation

  • Sustainable and Truly Decentralized Network

    By deriving continuous network expansion


Prover is a term for participants of Starcro network who are connected through PoX(Proof-of-eXpansion). In order to build a human-oriented blockchain ecosystem, Starcro uses a term ‘prover’ instead of node, since node is commonly used to call a device on a blockchain network. Therefore, Starcro network focuses on participation of individuals, rather than the devices.


Supernodes play an important role in maintaining a stable and rapid confirmation speed by running a transfer chain to the Starcro network. Only 975 qualified people in the world can enjoy Supernode privileges.

BI(Brand Identity)

The name Starcro is a combination of the Greek god Cronus who governs stars and times and the Star that shines in the dark sky.
Starcro BI pursues a direction that welcomes consumers with a polite attitude.

Stacro utilizes the story of the stars and the universe as a core image, and applies designs of myths and coins as sub image.
Starcro in order to convey the faithful and trustworthy images to consumers, utilizes ancient images that can be brought from Greek mythology or old coins to complement the virtual characteristics of the cryptocurrency market.